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Integrity Design is an agency for brand strategy, branding, corporate and packaging design.
We develop ideas for the transformation
of your brand into the future.

We are Integrity Design, because that is how we act – with authenticity, sincerity and respect.

Our promises

Deep dive

We focus our methods and thinking on the brand's core values.


We illuminate the essence of the brand.


We respect the brand’s core, whilst striving for new future ways.


We respect the brief, whilst aiming to take it one or two steps further.

what we offer

Expert Areas


We seek and find the relevant insights to build the foundation for the brand that makes it unique, relevant and compelling.


Insight and Trend Research
Positioning Creation
Brand Key Development
Design Sprints 




We describe the heart of the brand and express it with its unique visual language to convey its feeling, attitude and voice.


Logo Design
Corporate Design
Visual Brand Language
Brand Codes


We create ideas, visual and design concepts to connect people with brand experiences that are memorable, intuitive and motivating.


Packaging: 2D / 3D
Branded Environments
Sustainability Design
Motion Design
Print Guidance
Modell Production

How we do it


Our process of research and conceptual thinking, tireless discovery and creation with love of details creates a unique brand identity.

The deep knowledge of the brand
The direction for the future
The search for creative options
The steps to excellence
Design Fields
Who we are

Deep and Forward Thinkers

Combining the emotional, the soft side, the grace of a brand with its performance power and creating a design that celebrates and strengthens the brand. This is what drives me and my creativity.

Nicole Fassold

Cosmetic Creation

Finding and developing the spirit of today and tomorrow, defining the visual code, always open to the next level and anticipating the speed of the media channels. That means real design creation for me.

Bastian Burghardt

Lifestyle Creation

Thinking through the brand model, sharpening the uniqueness and developing the emotional story. Linking all that with the perfect design solution. That drives my head and my intuition.

Christina Rüter

Brand Strategist

Everything will be good in the end. If it´s not good, it´s not yet the end.

Inken Cornelius

Food Creation

New Business

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