Nutritional supplement brands

Pharmaceutically competent natural health brand or modern Gen Z lifestyle health brand: different design languages for different brand positioning.

Services: Branding, Logo Design, Verpackungsdesign

Self-healing power

Strengthening the immune system is becoming a central key to health and disease control. The market for nutritional supplements continues to grow. Different target groups have different needs and motives why they consume food supplements. Accordingly, brands function with different concepts and codes.

Ancient Health underpins their nutritional supplements efficacy and expertise with strong pharmacy codes: Brown pharmacy bottles, typography as the main design element, reduced, clearly structured design structure. The reference to naturopathy and the active ingredients is integrated via the logo signet.

Ancient Logo Design

The logo takes up the circle as a design element, visualising the holistic and closed system. The serif typography signals accessibility and warmth and creates a visual contrast to the straightness of the product design. The inner logo graphic is inspired by traditional symbols of healing medicine and emphasises the effectiveness from the power of nature.


The young food supplement brand SO GOOD! communicates the effect on people directly with its name. In concise, clear typography, the brand becomes a statement. The packaging design is characterised by bold and emotional illustrations.

The main ingredients are graphically illustrated in a modern way and visually explain the ingredients of the food supplement product. The white, pharmaceutical background serves as a competent and calming stage for the illustrations. An impactful Gen Z and Millennials design language.