Sustainability is no longer an option but a must.

We are at a turning point. Today we bear the responsibility for tomorrow. Therefore, sustainable packaging design is an inevitable aspect of creation. At least for us as Integrity Design.

Recycling means

using the used packaging for a new plastic product. If the packaging is not optimally developed, it can only be burned.

We consider the influencing criteria in the design process, thus improve the recyclability of the packaging, thus saving natural resources.

But we also think in terms of communication and stories that link sustainability with the brand.

4 Design basics to optimise the packaging for recycling

1: Labels
Labels should not cover more than 40% of the bottle surface. Label material and size have a significant influence on the recyclability.

2: Colour
White is the new „green“ colour. Colourlessness in packaging also increases recycling and supports the plastic cycle. The grey veil of recycled plastic becomes a green brand message.

3: Shape
The shape of the packaging influences the product and packaging waste: e.g. hard corners and shoulders produce up to 20% more product waste than soft curves.

4: Decoration
Finishing of outer packaging and varnishes influence the recycling of the packaging. Metallic finishes or films should be less than 30% of the surface.

Strategic questions for sustainable Marketing and Design

Sustainable design makes a positive contribution to society and the environment. This means taking responsibility for ecological, economic and social resources.

1: Naming, Branding, Stories

Can the brand fulfill a green task or positioning from its core?
How can production waste be used for new products that taste and work?
How can the consumer be motivated to reuse, refill or use the products in a different way?

2: Communication and clarity

Icons on sustainability should be simple, intuitive, relevant and useful. The specific placement and expression then leads to a meaningful and targeted message and transparency.

3: Changing behaviour & attitudes cause

The consumer often does not know what he can recycle and how. For example, the instructions on how to separate paper and plastic can be told on the packaging using intuitive symbols or visuals. And the brand makes a clear commitment with it.

4: E-commerce optimisation

Optimise the outer packaging for e-commerce logistics.
How do you intelligently create secondary packaging that is safe, stable and logistically effective and celebrates the brand?


Sustainability is an extremely complex topic. Exchange and cooperation with experts is essential.